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Everything you need to attract and retain the best talent from start to finish. 



Acting as your in-house recruiter.

We become part of your team so that we are not only fully accessible to you, but so that you are fully accessible to us. In order to recruit the right talent for your company, we take a front-seat approach to your hiring needs.

Be being an extension of your company, we go beyond filling positions and start adding to your corporate family. We learn your company culture and get to know the hiring managers and department leads.

From helping with creating job descriptions and making salary recommendations to prescreening applicants and presenting prequalified candidates, we cover it all.


Human Resources

Providing HR assistance and tools on an as-needed basis.

Beyond recruiting services, MGM can help you with other aspects of your Human Resource function as well. Attracting the right talent is only the beginning. Managing and retaining quality employees is equally as important.

We work with you to create clear and effective:

  • onboarding strategies
  • retention strategies
  • employee relations
  • performance management
  • and organizational development


Project Management

Managing projects and processes so that you don’t have to.

As a small to mid-sized company that is growing and expanding, it can be incredibly helpful to have a partner who understands your business and can manage certain projects and processes on your behalf. In fact, MGM Advisory Services would like to be an extension of your human resource function in whatever capacity you need most right now.

We can work with you on:

  • Utilization and Forecast Analysis

We walk you through this entire process from start to finish so that you know the capacity of existing resources. Knowing how many hours each employee works and how many hours each position demands allows you to scale your human resources and make the best hiring decisions.

  • Needs Assessments

MGM Advisory Services utilizes a systematic and consultative process to help you identify any gaps between your current human resource conditions and what you ideally want or need. This needs assessment will inform us on the optimal way to address a gap to produce favorable results for your organization.

  • Process Development & Implementation

If you need to create HR or operation processes or refine them, MGM Advisory Services can help. We work closely with you to maximize your resources and scale them so your company is more efficient, effective, and productive. We focus on process development and implementation, because we know that attracting and retaining rock star talent is easier if you are a rock star company.


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