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MGM Advisory Services is passionate about becoming an extension of your company by acting as your in-house recruiter taking you through the entire process from A to Z.

  • Can you create a job description for us?
  • How do we attract top talent to our organization and ensure that the candidates fit with our culture?
  • Do you handle background and reference checks on candidates?
  • How does our salary range fit into the current market?
  • We have quite a few hiring needs, but we don’t have time to handle them.  How can you help us quickly?
  • My hiring manager does not have much experience with interviewing candidates.  What do you suggest we do about that?

To be a successful company absolutely begins with putting the right people in the right positions.  Whether someone is the right person for the job has more to do with character traits and innate capabilities than they do with a specific background or knowledge.  Sure, functional and technical skill sets are necessary, but the best employees also need the core competencies (or what we refer to as “soft skills”) to perform those job duties successfully.

We recently determined the need to hire an Office Manager/Bookkeeper who could serve us both internally as well as our clients externally. MGM Advisory Services was able to help us hire for this role in just over a month’s time. Mellie went through the entire process with us from the creation of the job description, to verifying compensation to the market value, pre-qualifying candidates as well as handling the offer and closing process. We are extremely pleased with our newest addition to the firm.”

Chris Gummer, CPA, Managing Director

Gummer, Munn & Associates, LLC




At MGM Advisory Services we not only focus on the technical skills needed for the job, but also concentrate on your company’s culture to uncover the “personality” of your organization.  Once we have an understanding of your company’s values, mission, and brand, we can better pre-qualify the types of candidates that will be successful in your work environment and with your current employees.  Using this method to recruit saves you time, and ultimately helps you to hire and retain the right person for the job.

“Mellie takes a sincere and genuine interest in successfully pairing both her clients and candidates with the right opportunities.  Mellie was able to quickly assess my top career concerns, my personality traits and strengths and introduced me to a career opportunity that I am very thankful for. Mellie goes the extra mile for her candidates and clients and I look forward to working with her on recruiting, consulting and networking projects in the future.” – Melanie Johnson

One key component that MGM Advisory Services seeks in a top candidate is called Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Emotional Intelligence can be the ability to rein in one’s emotional impulses, read co-workers needs and feelings, and handle those relationships or situations in a successful manner.  Having a strong “Emotional Intelligence” allows the individual to use their “Intelligence” potential at a higher level.   There are many other core competencies that are identified based on the specific position and the organization’s culture, which we utilize to identify the best candidates for our clients.   We create a unique pre-screening process for each client and for each position that is developed with our clients at the beginning of the recruiting process.

MGM Advisory Services provides full cycle recruiting to include, but not limited to:

  • Job Description Creation
  • Salary Recommendations and Analysis
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Reviewing Resumes and Profiles
  • Pre-screen Interviews
  • Unique Presentation of Qualified Candidates
  • Interviewing Training and Techniques
  • Candidate Comparison Advice and Discussions
  • Reference and Background Checks
  • Offer Process and Offer Letters
  • Long-term Contract Employees
  • On-Boarding Assistance
  • Candidate and Client Follow-up


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