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Talent Acquisition Partnership (TAP) Program

An Exclusive Partnership that Puts You First


Our Talent Acquisition Partnership program offers you our highest priority on your open positions, a streamlined approach only presenting the Top 5 – 10 current market candidates, and a high level of due diligence on each candidate prior to them being presented to you.

By partnering with us exclusively on strategic hires, we immerse ourselves into your company culture.  We get to work to select the best candidates that meet your technical requirements, as well as specific personality and character preferences. Our TAP program allows us to fully commit to your human resource needs and secure truly outstanding candidates who will stay on your team long-term.

Better yet, we are then set up to hit the ground running the next time you have another strategic hiring, saving you time and money.


How TAP Works

Perhaps, you are like so many of our clients who feel like they are spinning their wheels when it comes to hiring the right talent.  Maybe you have experienced a recent corporate headquarters move or a restructuring that requires realignment of personnel or additional new employees.


The Common Recruiting Method:  A company outsources their recruiting efforts to several different recruiting firms. The Talent Acquisition Manager juggles several separate recruiters for several positions, making the process inefficient, chaotic, and in many cases ineffective. Poor placements with high turnover rates can be the result of the common recruiting method that does not take all your needs into consideration.


The TAP Recruiting Method:   A company exclusively partners with MGM TAP so that they can experience a much easier, more coordinated recruiting effort. With just us working on a company’s behalf, we take even greater care to understand the culture, technical skills, and other intangible skills of ideal candidates.


We offer a truly consultative recruiting approach that helps you hire the best talent for your growing organization. With a 100% commitment, we can do great things together that leads to the right employees joining your company, contributing incredible value, and staying for years to come.


Want more information on joining on Talent Acquisition Partnership?  Start Here.

We would love to provide you with a consultation on our new exciting service offering.  If you would like a 20-minute consultation, please email either Mellie Mathis or Meredith Lucas at the following emails and we will contact you within 48 – 72 hours.  You are also welcome to call us at 214-361-8831.


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