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Success Stories

Real Examples of How We Help Our Clients



Client Situation #1:  This client acquired 4 different companies all in different regions of the US and was essentially a $700M distribution start up and had the monumental task of consolidating all the companies into a corporate headquarters in DFW including building out a new “cream of the crop” team.

MGM & Distribution Client History:  In 2014, this client came to MGM with a Staff Accountant role who needed to have the core competencies of “ownership”, the drive and resourcefulness to work with little supervision, and someone who could work in an extremely dynamic, ever changing environment.  MGM was able to place the “perfect” new employee in this role.  Since this Staff Accountant started in November, 2014; she has been promoted twice and is now an Area Accounting Manager.

MGM Advisory Services Solution

1-With a high number of new hires needed, this distribution company decided to outsource most of their hiring in early 2015 to 3 – 4 top tier recruiting firms in DFW.  This resulted in the HR Manager coordinating with multiple points of contact from various firms therefore duplication of efforts to communicate culture, core competencies of each position, and a multitude of interview facilitation.  The outcome was less than desirable when several mishires were made, therefore having turnover within 60 – 90 days, and at times having difficulty getting one of the recruiting firms to assist them in the back-fill of the terminated employee based on the 90-day guarantee.

2-In July, 2015 the client then hired a “cream of the crop” full time in-house Talent Acquisition Manager hoping to provide both efficiency and to save money as opposed to paying multiple recruiting firms Contingency Fees.  This HR strategy has worked well and has proved to be cost effective for the client; however, the sheer volume of new job requisitions led HR and C-level accounting management to reach out to MGM Advisory Services in November, 2015 to discuss a partnership.

Client Recruiting Solution:  The distribution company’s Talent Acquisition Manager and MGM Advisory Services met in early December, 2015 and came to a win-win solution that resulted in an exclusive partnership between our client and MGM – we call this our “TAP” (Talent Acquisition Partnership).  Our client agreed to exclusively use MGM Advisory Services for specifically picked strategic hires.  This included the fact that when they gave MGM any positions they would not work those positions internally therefore MGM having no competition so that we could fully engage our team 100% with our client’s positions as our top priority.

This allows our client to have confidence their positions will be filled as quickly as possible and with a deep due diligence on each candidate.  This solution is a win for our client because we are already ingrained in their culture, can quickly ramp up on the core competencies needed for each individual position, saves the client time to focus on other business matters as well as typically only having to interview around 3 – 6 candidates before making an offer.  Our client has done an amazing job of proactively communicating all the specific “hot buttons” needed on each position as well as always responding to us within 24 hours or less on any clarifications or status of positions and candidates.

Client Outcome

Successful Talent Acquisition Partnership “TAP”

Results:  The result has been an overwhelmingly positive partnership that has resulted in four extremely solid new employees within less than 2 months and MGM is currently working on our 5th position.  With 100% commitment from both our client and the MGM team to the success of this partnership these new employees are adding significant value to the growth and continued process improvement for our clients’ success.  It is MGM’s hope that these new employees will be with our client for the long term and have opportunities for growth and true value add in their new roles.




Client Situation #2:  7 Positions Filled Within 7 Months

Our client is a start-up non-profit organization.  At the time, the CEO and Board of Directors were in a state of evolution and were not sure what positions and infrastructure was needed to staff their new organization.

MGM Advisory Services Solution


  • Needs assessment conference call with CEO to discuss two full time hiring needs and initial sourcing for three other potential management positions.
  • Developed five job descriptions from scratch from research specifically within the environmental and science industry.
  • Sourced, pre-screened, and presented candidates for two full time positions. Facilitated client to candidate interviews and made offers to final candidates.
  • Outsourced VP of Business Development position to a retained search firm; sending the search firm any candidates already sourced or presented organically within the organization.
  • Continued to source, pre-qualify and present candidates for other needs within the organization.
  • Re-evaluation conference call with CEO to determine contractor interim needs to meet organization goals.
  • Fielded employee referrals and candidates brought forth organically to the CEO.
  • Sourced and hired two contract employees for short term project.
  • Created industry specific pipeline of contract and full time potential employees of which the CEO could pull from at any time.
  • Re-evaluation with CEO and Board Members on two further full time hiring needs.
  • Sourced, pre-qualified, and presented candidates. Facilitated client to candidate interviews and make offers to final candidates.


Client Outcome

Short-Term Contract Filled within 1 Week led to Full-Time Position

Within seven months of initial contract, the client hired:

  • Operations Associate
  • VP of Finance and Administration
  • Senior Advisor
  • Chief Scientist
  • Director of Science and Technology
  • VP of Business Development
  • Development and Communications Associate



Client Situation #3:  Short Term Contract Filled in Less than 1 Week

Our client’s Executive Assistant was taking a leave of absence for 90 days and they needed a contractor to start within a week for training and transition. The hiring manager first reached out to a large staffing firm, but did not receive quality candidates. The large staffing firm also did not want to be the “employer of record” for the contractor.


MGM Advisory Services Solution

  • Needs assessment conference call with client focused on listening to what the other firm was not providing including core competencies, functional skills, and technical skills.
  • Found a firm that specializes in being the “employer of record” for contract employees providing them worker’s compensation, tax services, etc.…
  • Conducted face to face interview with top candidate from MGM Advisory Services database of candidates.
  • Presented candidate, facilitated client to candidate interview, presented offer to candidate, and facilitated paperwork with the “employer of record”.


Client Outcome

Within a week’s time, our client was comfortable with the quality of the contract employee. The contract employee was trained on time and fulfilled her contract.



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