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MGM Advisory Services has gained experience with industries such as:  private equity (oil & gas exploration), manufacturing, IT consulting, accounting firms, direct mail marketing firms, real estate, energy deregulation, BPO, environmental organizations and non-profit.  In addition to human resources consulting and project management for small to mid-size companies, MGM Advisory Services provides a unique approach to recruiting top talent for each client.

Some of MGM Advisory Services’ clients include:

  • ACS, A Xerox Company
  • GKN Aerospace – Aerostructures
  • The Gummer Group
  • Natural Gas Partners
  • New MainStream Capital
  • PRGX
  • The Global Adaptation Institute
  • Uniloc USA
  • Ricker Retirement Specialists
  • Intrepid USA
  • Animal Supply Company
  • Suster Law Firm
  • Ricker Retirement Specialists
  • Maalt
  • Juno Energy
  • Henry Investment Group
  • J. Hilburn
  • Koupon Media
  • William Noble Rare Jewelers
  • San Saba
  • Pathfinder Aviation Group
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