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TFI Resources

MGM Advisory Services uses TFI Resources for long-term contract positions as the “employer of record”.  Below is an overview of their services and company.  Please feel free to read more about their organization at

TFI Resources is a multi-state payroll service providing a full range of services to recruiters in the temporary, contract, and permanent placement industry by providing employer of record service, payroll funding, and payroll processing, invoicing, benefits, insurance, credit analysis, and collection assistance. Many independent recruiters utilize TFI to expand their business to include temporary and contract placements while mid-size and large staffing firms use TFI to serve as employer of record for temporary and contract placements in states where they are not registered or licensed to do business.

FC Background

MGM Advisory Services uses FC Background for any client who would like background checks including criminal, credit, social security number verification, employment/education verification, and drug screening.  To read more about their company, please go to

With a pedigree in pre-employment background screening dating to 1989 in Dallas, Texas, FC Background, LLC (FCB) has grown to a nationally recognized provider of workforce screening, testing, badging, and tracking.  The key to FCB’s success has been an unwavering commitment to constantly review industry practices and procedures in light of emerging technology.  Growth through applied technology is the cornerstone of FCB’s current business model.  This focus on technology has positioned FCB as a provider-without-equal in the otherwise pedestrian world of background screening and drug testing.

Gummer, Munn & Associates, LLC

MGM Advisory Services refers our clients to Gummer, Munn & Associates for CFO on-call and Controller outsourced functions as well as all tax services.  To learn more please go to

Gummer, Munn & Associates, LLC is dedicated to assisting our clients in reaching their financial goals. We offer solutions for individuals and businesses with their accounting and tax needs. In addition to preparing tax returns and compiling financial statements, we offer assistance with new business formations, tax planning, retirement planning, budgeting, strategic business planning, QuickBooks support, and other consulting services that help ensure our clients’ financial success.

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