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Project Management

MGM Advisory Services is passionate about becoming an extension of your team by managing additional projects and processes, so you don’t have to.

  • Can you assist us by creating a headcount forecast for our five year strategic plan?
  • We need a utilization analysis done to determine whether it is appropriate to hire more people at this time.  How can you help us?
  • What can you recommend to our company to help us build a stronger culture with our employees?
  • Our company does not have a performance management system.  We would like you to perform a software needs assessment, help us choose a new system and develop the process to roll out to our employees in the next 90 days.  Can you do that?


1c358c9“From time to time we find it cost effective to bring in additional sources to assist us with our Human Resources and Recruiting functions.  In this case, as we were expanding one of our service offerings, we decided that we needed someone to manage the day to day recruiting process for our consulting practice, and specifically in recruiting our highest level position, Managing Director.  Having worked with Mellie in the past, I recommended her.  Mellie functioned as a recruiting project manager including keeping a central repository of all current candidates, attending meetings to choose the appropriate retained search vendor, and reaching out to the candidates initially and throughout the process.  With a high inflow of candidates, we had weekly status conference calls that Mellie would facilitate.  We were also able to utilize some of her time to create some recruiting tools and materials.  I hope to work with Mellie again in the near future.  She takes a sincere interest in the business and seeks to understand and adapt her style to fit our needs.”

Tiffany Glover,  Director of Human Resources

PRGX Global, Inc.

MGM Advisory Services’ prime goal is to assist our clients in identifying needs, developing solutions, and implementing processes at the exact time that you need them so that you can fulfill other company goals and objectives.  These services can be provided on-site or off-site, and can be structured to fit your specific needs.  While we are not limited to only these types of projects, below are a few examples:

  • Utilization and Forecast Analysis
  • Needs Assessments
  • Process Development and Implementation
  • Recruiting Coordination and Recruiting Project Management


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