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Human Resources

MGM Advisory Services is passionate about becoming an extension of our clients by providing human resources assistance, advice, and tools as often and to whatever extent the client sees fit.  Below are just a few of the types of questions that MGM Advisory Services receives from our current clients.

  • How do I tell this contractor that I have to let them go earlier than the agreed upon timeframe?
  • Can you create an offer letter for our new employee?
  • What type of information should be included in a personnel file?
  • I would like to streamline the titles we have within our organization, can you make some recommendations?
  • How can I best assist an employee who is struggling with their current responsibilities?  Can you provide us with a “Process Improvement Form”?
  • What should go in an Employee Handbook?



“I have had the great fortune of working with Mellie Goolsby Mathis as an HR Partner since 2004. During the early years of my consulting practice, it became evident that there was a distinct need to develop partnerships with a cadre of trusted professionals; those whom I could call on to assist me when confronted with aggressive client goals and deadlines, leaving me free to focus on other mission critical tasks.

Mellie Goolsby Mathis quickly became a favorite ‘go-to’ person among that group, especially with needs pertaining to recruiting or serving as an interim HR manager for one of my clients. She is pragmatic, thorough, and highly ethical. Whatever the job, Ms. Mathis was consistently outstanding and remains a valued “partner” within my practice today.”

Kimberley Tipps, President/HR Advisor

Katydid Consulting Group


Any successful business owner will attest to the fact that Human Resources should be involved in the strategic planning for their business.  For small and medium sized companies sometimes it is not cost effective to hire a full time Human Resources manager.  Instead, having the option to utilize an HR professional on a project by project basis can be extremely beneficial.  Also, due to the down turn in the economy, many larger organizations have had to “right size” their organizations.   So having the ability to add contractual support to an existing Human Resources department to assist with special projects can enhance your business processes and procedures on a short term basis.  Our firm can assist with a wide range of HR needs including:

  • Policy and Process Development
  • On-boarding Employees
  • Retention Strategies
  • Team building/Event Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Salary Banding Recommendations
  • Organizational Development
  • Utilization Assessments
  • Employee Relations


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