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We’re highly selective, like you.

Our highly selective and consultative approach to talent acquisition allows us to focus our resources on the right candidates for your available positions. We don’t believe that the best pool of candidates are sitting in a recruiter’s outdated database. Your best candidates may not use a recruiting firm at all. That’s why we source and research potential candidates in a much more targeted and personalized way so that you are able to fill your open positions with the right candidates, the first time.

We are as dedicated as an in-house recruiting team, but have the expertise and resources of a full-scale outsourced solution.

MGM Advisory Services has a long history of providing exceptional talent acquisition and recruiting services. Founder Mellie Goolsby Mathis formed the business in 2002 as MGM Consulting when she was approached to provide a large direct mail marketing firm with a resource management and utilization process on a consulting basis.  By 2004, Mellie was supporting the entire HR function from A to Z for small manufacturing companies and handling the recruiting for small private equity firms.

After nearly a decade of consulting for multiple businesses on their talent acquisition and recruiting needs, MGM Consulting became MGM Advisory Services, LLC in 2011 and has organically grown into the firm it is today.

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