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8 Signs Your Ideal Candidate is Going to Accept Your Job Offer

8 Signs Your Ideal Candidate is Going to Accept Your Job Offer

It’s not easy finding the people to recruit to your team, and even when you do find a perfect match, that doesn’t mean they will accept your job offer.

These 8 signs could signal your ideal candidate is going to accept your job offer before you even make it:

They follow up.

If a candidate takes initiative to follow up after the interview, they want to make sure their name stays name top of mind. This is possibly the biggest sign that when you’re ready to extend an offer, they’ll accept wholeheartedly.

They ask questions.

Some candidates decide during the interview that this probably isn’t the job for them, but they won’t alway say so. But the ones who are genuinely interested tend to ask deeper questions to get a true feel for what they will be doing if hired. These questions might be around daily activities, company culture, who they would be working with, etc. If they are satisfied with the answers you give them, you’ve pulled their interest in even more.

They aren’t considering any other offers.

It’s crucial to discover during the interview where the candidate is in their job search, and if the candidate is interviewing at other companies. Make this question a standard in your interview. If they might have other potential job offers coming in, you don’t want to wait too long to make your own offer.

They fit your cultural profile – and they know it.

One of the biggest reasons for job turndown is because the candidate doesn’t see how they will fit in with the company culture. You should take the time to talk about the type of work environment you foster, as well as get a feel for the type of environment your candidate is comfortable with. If you think there’s a match, let the candidate know how you think they will fit it.

You eliminated stumbling blocks that may cause hesitation.

Work-life balance, PTO, future earnings potential, advancement opportunities – there’s a lot that can cause hesitation when it comes down to accepting a job offer. Candidates want to make the right decision every bit as much as you do, and consider a lot of factors before making up their mind. You should try to elicit as many things that might cause them to balk, then try to see what workarounds exist that can set their minds at ease.

You both nailed the salary question.

Going into any interview, the starting salary is often a top concern for both the candidates and recruiters. Candidates want to know if the job offers more, less, or about the same as what they currently make. Recruiters want to know if they can afford the candidate. If their salary expectations line up with what your company is prepared to offer, this eliminates one of the biggest causes of job rejection.

You did your part in selling the job.

While candidates are selling themselves during an interview, you should be actively selling the position and telling the candidate why they should accept your offer if you make one. Tell them what makes your company remarkable, why employees love to work there, and the opportunities the company can provide to its staff. If you’ve done your part at presenting a strong case for your company, the candidate could be more inclined to joining the team if asked.

They leave the interview pumped up.

Candidates who exit the interview with a smile (and a little more energy) are likely to want the position. They’re excited to call their loved ones and tell them how it went. This confidence means they might be more surprised if they didn’t get the job.

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Posted by Mellie Goolsby Mathis on April 27, 2017

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